T1 Prestige73 Collagen Mask
T1 Prestige73 Collagen Mask

T1 Prestige73 Collagen Mask

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  • Super intensive skincare that blooms from the inside
  • Cutting-edge cream sheet that is easy to apply and peel off
  • Contains 73% T1 collagen (730,000 ppm)
  • 300 Dalton low molecular collagen for deep absorption into skin
  •  Excellent fit that does not drip
  • For easier skin absorption of active ingredients


  1. Take an appropriate amount and thinly apply to skin with mini spatula to the thickness of paper
  2. Wait long enough for transparent film to form.
  3. After about 10-15 minutes, remove transparent film.


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heal your skin

Full of essential ingredients for improving your skin, not just any purified water.


Collagen with triple care for elasticity + density + barrier that seamlessly replenishes and lifts all the way